Alien : Isolation Game download free for PC


Early footage and design descriptions of Alien: Isolation strongly suggest that The Creative Assembly is crafting the Alien game we deserve--one that lovingly embraces the unique sensibilities (not to mention aesthetic) of Ridley Scott's groundbreaking 1979 space thriller.

Gone are all the guns and hordes of xenomorphs. This is back to the basics--one Ripley, one monster, and a lot of horror.

The Ripley in question isn't the exosuit-boxin' Ellen we all know and love, but rather her daughter, Amanda (you may remember her being mentioned at the start of Aliens). Upon learning that the USCSS Nostromo's black box has been uncovered at a space station called Sevastopol. Amanda heads there with the hopes of learning more about the fate of her long-lost mother. What she finds instead is more suspicious Weyland-Yutani activity and a lone, hulking xenomorph.

It's that singular, predatory threat that made the original film such a tense nail-biter, and that's what The Creative Assembly is trying to recapture in Isolation after a number of less-than-stellar attempts from other developers. There aren't any full-scale "oorah" firefights in sight--just a lot of terrified gasps and slinking in the shadows punctuated by the constant, nerve-racking need to check your motion tracker. It's a change of pace that, as Alien fans, we welcome.



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